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MySQL walking over itself!

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I have a need to clear down a field in a table prior to re-filling it with new values. If in the PHP page I clear it down and then immediatley run the query to fill in the values I find that the first query hasn\'t finished in time and therefore wipes out new values.


The cose is:

	$query = "update LOW_PRIORITY " . $selDim . " set limitint = null;";

$result = mysql_query($query) or die($selDim . " Update (set to NULL) failed");


while ($_GET["selChosen"][$i] != "")


  $query= "update " . $selDim . " set limitint = " . $i .

 " where dimvalue = \'" . $_GET["selChosen"][$i] . "\'";

  $result = mysql_query($query) or die($selDim . " Update (set limitint) failed");




$selDim is the table name.


The Values are based on a multiple selection box and I use the value that I place in the field for ordering purposes.


Can anyone tell me what I amdoing wrong - or is there a way of putting an appropriate if-then clause in the MySQL?



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If you think the second query executes before the first query finishes, then its better to have an if condition into which you can have the second query. Like


$a = 0;

$query = \"do something\";

if ($result = mysql_query($query, $connection)) {


$a = 1;




if ($a = \'1\'\') {


****** Your Second Query Goes Here ***********




Hope this helps


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