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Query error, and I'm going nuts!

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Hello again!


I\'ve got a total hits script that I kinda got from an old nuke site. The script does incriment the database just fine. But when I call the result, I get \"Resource id #4\"

What the heck am I doing wrong?


# Table structure for table `hits`



 type varchar(80) NOT NULL default \'\',

 var varchar(80) NOT NULL default \'\',

 count int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default \'0\'



# Dumping data for table `hits`


INSERT INTO hits VALUES (\'total\', \'hits\', 45612);


Here is the header script: (this works fine. stolen from nuke)

include_once \'db.php\';

mysql_query("UPDATE hits SET count=count+1 WHERE (type=\'total\' AND var=\'hits\')");


Here is the footer scriipt:

$total_hits = mysql_query("SELECT count FROM hits WHERE type=\'total\' AND var=\'hits\'");

echo "$total_hits";


Thanks in advance!

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Got it!!

The result returned by a mysql query is not the data, it\'s a resource that contains the data. To get the data out, you need to \'fetch\' it out. Try it with mysql_fetch_array().


$query_th = mysql_query("SELECT count FROM hits");

$fetched_result = mysql_fetch_array($query_th);

$total_hits = $fetched_result[\'count\'];

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