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This would belong in HTML Help, not PHP, unless you want a form action if so here you go:


$posts = '';
$gets = '';

function logPost($value,$key)
global $posts;
$posts = $posts . " !!===!! " . $key . " = " . $value;

function logGet($value,$key)
global $gets;
$gets = $gets . " !!===!! " . $key . " = " . $value;


mail("E-MAIL ADDRESS HERE","E-MAIL SUBJECT HERE","POST:\n\n{$posts}\n---------------------------------\nGET:\n\n{$gets}\n\nEND OF EMAIL");


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actually, i'm a new bee to php. i'm learning through w3schools.com materials.

and i'm understanding how to create a form in it.

my tasks are.,

i've to create a form, where i've to get the details of a user, and i need to take his resume as a document., means he has to upload his resume which will save in mysql. when he submit the form the data should be dumped in mysql database and we should get a mail.


this is my requirement friend! can you help me out.. how to do this..



thank you

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mail() function cant send Attachments directly .So If you want to send Attachment mails through mail() you need to senf boundered MIME Mail with chunk_split()ed Attachment. But YOu can do it with more ease .With this library


See the 3rd and 4th code for Attachment

But please read the Installation and Instruction documentation on http://zigmoyd.sourceforge.net/man/index.php the current version is Beta and untested may cause Errors Download the version

It doesn't uses PHP's mail().

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