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Invalid Date format

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Invalid Date format

Hello I have set up a database in MySQL which uses the datetime for the columns. I have 2 seperate fields, one for date and one for time. when I display the information, I get the following information


Date 2002-11-09 00:00:00 Time 1899-12-30 20:50:00


The date in the first field is 2002-11-09 and the time in the second filed is 20:50:00 but the date field puts an additional time in as 00:00:00 and the time field has a date of 1899-12-30 .. How can I get rid of these. I want the date only in one field and the time only in the other...

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Try this


Field Type Null Key Default Extra

------ ------------- ------ ------ ------- ------

date date YES (NULL)

time time YES (NULL)


insert into `test`.`test` 

(date, time)


(now(), 12:30:00");

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The other option is to not use a seperate data and seperate time column, but instead to use a Datetime column.


It\'s also better not to use keywords as the names of your columns. I\'d suggest instead that you have a column called for example:




When inserting a value it could be insert into yourtbl (col1, col2, created) values (\'blah\', \'blah\', now());


It\'s easy enough via either MYSQL or php to seperate the date and time components from a date/time. The added advantage of using a datetime, is that *if* you need to do selects via date, it will be much more efficient. For example, you might have a query like:


select * from yourtbl where created > now()-1;

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