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file upload in a CMS

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I'm kinda new here so I thought I'd rather post in the newbies forum! ;)

Anyway, I'm currently implementing a basic CMS for my website so it is based on a MySQL database. This is all up and working so far but now I'm stuck at implementing a simple file upload.

While I got a basic file upload to work in a seperate test-file (simple file form and then move_uploaded_file() ) so everything is working on server and the basic code I cannot get it to work if the file upload is to be implemented in my more complex CMS-form.

Not to get lost I have spread different capabilities and steps of the code in seperate files and I get the impression it has something to do with that, but I'm not sure. Basically one file contains the html code of the page and includes another file which contains the code for the CMS-form which allows one to create a page entry with a number of fields - among them a file upload which should enable one to have each entry accompanied by an image/other file - upon submitting the data everything gets sent to a third file which handles the communication with the server (e.g. loading everything into the SQL database) and supposedly also loading a file into a certain folder of the webserver.

As said, basic file upload works for the destination, but not when used in the more complex construct above. As I have so far not managed to break the problem down to a certain area (removing unnecessary code and rearranging the upload-code has not managed to make it work) I'm at a loss.

If anyone has any ideas in what kind of problem I might have stepped into I'd be glad for any hints!

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