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MySQL errors with apostrophe

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I think I missed something in MySQL 101 years ago, or maybe a new thing with MySQL 5.0.15, but my simple insert statement from a textfield error out [b]ONLY[/b] when an apostrophe is used within the text field:

[code]<!-- Textfield Text example -->
We went down to Michael's house
<!-- End Textfield entry -->[/code]

[code]MySQL Statement:
$query = "INSERT into TABLE(text_field) VALUES('$_POST[textfield]')";[/code]

What do I need to include in my INSERT statement to allow apostrophes? addslashes()?

My gratitude ahead of time....

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Yes you should uses addslashes also [b]NEVER[/b] place POST'd data straight into a mysql query with out validating the data/eascaping the data with addslashes, htmelentities or use mysql_real_escape_string. So this is what your code should be like:
[code]$textfield = addslashes($_POST['textfield']);
$query = "INSERT into TABLE(text_field) VALUES('$textfield')";[/code]

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