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Prevent Linkers...

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What is the easiest way to prevent linkers on my site? If someone were to ask, I'd give the an SQL dump of all my Bible data, but I DON'T want linkers...

Do I simply read a SESSION at the start of EVERY page and create the session from the main page? Is that the easiest way?


I put this at the very top of INDEX.PHP

if I now check to see if the session is set in each of my processor pages, is that adequate? is there an easier way?

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I am assuming that you don't want people to be able to view your pages if they get to your pages from a link from someone elses site?

(That couldn't be good for google results. If wanted people to find your pages via google)

Unsure of the best way, however this is the way I would have done it:

Like you said:

Create a session,

Check on each page if that session is valid.

Dislpay if it is, do nothing if it is not, (I wouldn't do nothing, I'd state that to access this page you need to enter through the home page (URL HERE).


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Could you explain the Google angle on this? I know you want people to link to your page for Google Spider, etc, but surely you don't want them linking to your files, or in this case Databases? They get my data from the web server I pay for... I don't mind them having the data, I'm in a quandry... It's Bible stuff I WANT to get out, but I don't want to get abused... Don't know what to think on this one...HELP! ADVISE???

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G'day dude,

I am not 100% on google stuff but will explain what my understanding is.

When google hits your home page it will auth into a session and follow links to your various other pages.

So when I do a search for "Moses" i'll get a link to your page(s) (example: www.domainname/bible/search.php?criteria=moseses )

But if i click on that link, because I didn't get a session auth through the home page I'll get your message along the lines of "Bugger off, you must enter through the home page at www.domainname.com.

Do you understand that?

The people who click the google result will goto your site but may give up when they get a message stating that they can't view the page. They may think that the site sucks and has no info instead of going to the ome page and authing a session.

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