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Setting Up Secure Server with PHP Program

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Morning Everyone,

I am in need of urgent help. My problem is i need to create a membership program that needs to be online. However i do not know how to do create a secure server. Do i need to change any codes? I think i can slowly create the program but i read somewhere that i need to setup a secured server so my program needs to be on https and etc. Can anyone please guide me to setup a secured server so i put my program on https and etc? I would really appreciate any help at all. Please excuse my english.

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It appears that noone is going to tell you so i will

to create a secure server, if you dont' have control over your hosting get your hosting provider to do it. Or ask them to show you how and explain what else is involved.

Once the server is secure then the PHP code can be created for your pages, (they are sperate. It is like locking your diary,(code), in a safe,(secure server).

Depending on your site, the information it will store and why it needs membership would really depend on if you need a secure server or not.

If it is a simple site that really only only requires the personal detail of a name and email address in order to log on and view a forum or recipies then there is no need for a secure server. (because there is nothing to really protect), this can all be done with Sessions, and a table in the database that lists the users login and password.

If you have more personal details that do require security or content that is of a personal or private nature then you will best having a secure server.

hope that helped.

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