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Image generation for email security

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Good day,
I have searched for a solution or help on the following but it seems that my descriptions in the searches are not good enough to result in sufficient information!
I have found that php has some built in functions which can be used in generating images (or editing blank images) that i can use.

I would like to add one of those images to my "contact us" page, where some mis-shapen numbes or letters appear in the image. Then the user must type these numbers/letters to "verify" authenticity! In other word to avoid spam! :)

"A CURSE ON THE HOUSE OF SPAM!!!........sorry." :)

I ask if anyone can perhaps point me in the direction of a person or site where i can get some Tutorial or decription on doing it correctly and according to any known standards and in a secure way!

Greately thank all in advance.

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