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Calculcation Based on MySQL Field - Newbie

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Hi all,


I would like to perform a simple multiplication operation against a field stored in a MySQL database. I need the results returned to a particular field in a table other than that which contains the multiplied field... That\'s as clear as mud...


A function that represents what I would like to do would be something like:


.02x = y


Where x is a PRICE field and y is a FEE field.


In other words, I want to charge a FEE that is 2% of the PRICE.


The PRICE is stored in the \'PRICE\' field of the \'g_class\' table.


The FEE is stored in the \'CHARGE\' field of the \'g_c_price_inc\' table.


The \'CHARGE\' field is a DOUBLE (16,2) type.


I can manipulate the \'CHARGE\' field directly, but I would like to stay away from changing the field type. I\'m not sure #1) if I can enter a formula into the \'CHARGE\' field without changing the field attributes, and #2) what the heck the formula should look like.


Can anyone help?





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