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Comparation of two variables


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[!--sizeo:2--][span style=\"font-size:10pt;line-height:100%\"][!--/sizeo--][code]<html>

$lines = file("./snortconf.txt");
$count = count($lines);
$i = 0;

<form name ="snort" method="get" action="<?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>">

if(isset($_REQUEST['btnsubmit'])) {
      //echo "entered submit request";
      if(isset($_REQUEST['chk2'])) {
          //echo "entered chkbox request";
          $rule = $_REQUEST['chk2']." ";
              //echo $lines[$i]."<br>";
              //echo "<br>Dit staat ier juist voor de if functie<br>";
                  //echo "jet gezien dat nen include is<br>";
                  //$breaker = explode("/",$lines[$i]);
                  //echo "<br>----------<br>";
                  //echo "\"".$breaker[1]."\"<br>"
                $breaker2 = str_replace("include \$RULE_PATH/","",$lines[$i]);
                //echo "\"".$breaker2."\"";
                  //echo "\"".$rule."\"";
                  //echo "<br>----------<br>";    
                  if ($rule==$breaker2) {
                      echo "TIS WERE GELUKT";

echo "<input type='checkbox' name='chk2' value='".$test1."'>";
<input type="submit" name="btnsubmit" value="Disable">

This is my code above.
I read a sentence that begins with include from a txt file(snortconf.txt) . Then I seperate the sentence and keep the last part of it with str_replace(). An other value, the value from a checkbox is submitted to its own page and the value is used for a Comparation with the value from the txt file.

When I echo both the values between quotes, so invisible spaces are revealed if they're there, they are
exactly the same. However, in the last if-loop where I compare $rule with $breaker2 I get false.
How is this possible ????? I have no clue.

snortconf.txt contains this:
include $RULE_PATH/exploit.rules

A little help would be great.

PS: the comments are test-echo's, so I can see where the script goes and where it doesn't go, etc.

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