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Webmasters beware of spam.la

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I don't know whether this is already really familiair for you guys, but it wasn't for me.

I use e-mail validation for my site to limit the amout of "crap" i receive. So i would send a unique link to the e-mail adress provided by a new user. This works great.

But now i saw that quite a few people used a @spam.la address to logon. This is an e-mail service that displays everyhing out in the public no matter what is in front of the @

so if your name is jan, you just specifiy jan@spam.la. and 5 minutes later everybody can find the e-mail, containing the activation link published on the internet. Although the e-mail adres doesn;t even exist.

Since i rely on e-mail correspondece to tell the users of my sites if interesting things have happened, it's important for me to know that te e-mail address exists. This service totally circumvents this security measurement.

I would suggest that you should also filter on @spam.la addresses and don't allow then to be specified.

Good luck


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