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[SOLVED] Totally lost here


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hey guys not sure how this happened but i was just surfing the net and and on a particular site a MySQl error showed up and i have no idea what to do about it. i cant actully access that site anymore sooo its a bit of a pain.


this is the error:


The Error returned was:

Table 'dle_online' is marked as crashed and should be repaired


Error Number:



and then below it has a box which has the text:


SELECT count(*) as count from dle_online where ip LIKE  (then is has like the start of my ip address between 2 percentage icons)


could you guys maybe walk me through to fix the problem,

thx in advance

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ok i figured out the problem !! ;D 


this is what happened, well when i logged onto the site I refreshed the page and a ‘page has expired message’ showed up as normal’ so I clicked back on the browser, this had caused the error message shown above to be shown and I couldn’t  access the site at all.


so I fixed the problem by login in from another computer, but my account actually seemed no to exist anymore, (the password wasn’t working’ so I just refreshed the password and hey! Now I can access the site from this computer again.  :D


guess my account or IP address got locked or something from the site.


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