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right ever since i started i have been saving my tables for my pages at 720 pixels and aligning them in the center so they fit nicely onto all screans, small or large but is there any way that i can do it so that it fills the screne no matter how big the screne size of the person viewing is (by screa sze i mean whether they have a 17\" screan or smaller).


i tried doing this by using % instead of pixels but i got told not to as in order to make my heading for my site fit 100% on a large screan it would mean that when viewed on a small screan some of it would be missing (so i am told) is there any way around this? i have seen sites where the page fills the full screan and this is on both small and large screans.

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First thing you will need to do is make any header/banner/logo smaller than 640 as that is the lowest resolution people view webpages. So maybe 550 or 600. You can be creative and make it stretch to any size if you work with takes and a sliced up image.


Or you can create a few versions of your page. One for the 600 width people and one for the 600+ people.


This isnt a php related question though. :/

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