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Postgresql ODBC and MS Access


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Information: Local network (TCP/IP)
XP pc with MS Access
Fedora Core 4 pc with Postgresql

I want the XP pc through Access to be able to import the Postgres databases on the Linux machine.

What I already installed and changed:
Linux machine:

1. pg_hba.conf
local all all trust
host all all trust
host sameuser all trust
host test1 chris md5
host sameuser all md5
2. I created a postgresql user for hosts.

XP pc:

1.Installed pgsqodb-08_01_200.zip
2.Configuring the ODBC driver and MS Access is to be used, I have set:
Selected USER DSN with:

Data Source : test1-dsn
Database : test1
Server :
SSL mode : disabled
Port : 5432
Username and password being entered at login

Options, Datasource, page 1:
Disable Genetic Optimizer: yes
Keyset Query Optimization: yes
Recognize Unique Indexes: yes
Use Declare/Fetch: yes
CommLog: yes
Parse Statements: yes
Cancel as FreeStmt: no
MyLog: yes
Unknown Sizes: Maximum
Text as LongVarChar: yes
Unknowns as LongVarChar: no
Bool as Char: yes
Max Varchar: 254
Max LongVarChar: 8190
Cache Size: 100
SysTable Prefixes: dd_;
Options, Datasource, page 2:
Read Only: no
Show System Tables: no
LF <-> CR/LF conversion: yes
Updatable Cursors: yes
bytea as LO: no
Row Versioning: no
Disallow Premature: no
True is -1: yes
Server side prepare: no
Int8 As: default
OID Options: (none checked)
Connect Settings: (blank)

Problem: When I open MS Access , create new db, go to where I select Machine Data Source
and select test1-dsn, enter my user name and press OK.
Access just hangs with this in postgres log file:CONN ERROR: func=PGAPI_GetConnectOption, desc='fOption=30002', errnum=205, sqlstate=, errmsg='Unknown connect option (Get)'

!Any ideas are welcome!!
!!Thanks in Advance!!
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