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Arrays, tags, or something else?

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First let me tell you I'm a real PHP noob, I really want to learn the language but I simply don't have the time for it...not yet. Another thing, I've used the search function on the forum etc, and I've been using searchengines to find what I'm looking for. Main problem is that I don't know exactly what to look for, so I'm hoping some of you guys are able to help me with this.

I'm trying to mimic a part of a website, so far it's going great, yet there's one thing I'm not able to implement on my own site. It's a map page containing small thumbnails of a world map from a MMORPG I'm currently hosting. When you hover your mouse over one of the thumbnails the name of the map is displayed in a small window, it has a lot of other cool functions that all work properly.

There's just one thing missing, a pop-up window. I want to make it so that when you click on a thumbnail a new window opens showing a fullsized image of the map, the name and some basic information. Now, that's not really hard to do, but I want to put all that information in a single php file. This way I won't have to create seperate files for every single map.

The links would look a bit like this;

<a href = 'showmap.php?map=001' onClick="return show_map_info(this)">
<a href = 'showmap.php?map=002' onClick="return show_map_info(this)">

(The "onClick" part I copied from their website and I really have no idea what it does or how it works. I'll probably just leave it like this.)

The problem I'm having is to create the "showmap.php", how do I make it so that the popup window only shows the "001, 002, etc" parts of the file when clicking on a map? And if nobody can help me with this, then could someone at least tell me what to look for? Is the function called an "array" or "tag" or am I looking in the wrong direction?

I'll just include a small example in case people have no idea what I'm talking about;

[code]Map page containing thumbnail images: world.php
Clicking on thumbnail "001" in "world.php" -> Popup window pops up showing "only" information about map "001", retrieved from "showmap.php".[/code]

I really hope that someone out there is able to help me out, anyways, thanks in advance. I'll be digging into some manuals and FAQs to see if I'm able to pull this off myself.

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