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How would use mysql/php as local before upload via DW MX ?

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:o OK I found the problem to my previous mysql installation.

I installed self installation version that insatalls Mysql/PHP and the Apache. This was causing all the problem. I went and stoped Mysql and then re installed (not much of a installation, basicly copied the files from a zip folder to c:/mysql) the manual version. So installing (copying) mysql-4.1.0-alphafixed the problem. All this time I wasted your time. Sorry guys :oops: . But I did not know.


Now I got it working :roll: what do I do with it ..no seriously. How can I use it with my DW MX so that all the tests with my mysql and PHP actually works locally before any uploads.


Does that mean I have to change all my

mysql host in my php files need to be changed? aghhh! must be an other way. Would be easier to just change the connection.php file then re change it just before up load.


I am asking because I do not :idea: know which is the right/correct/ common way.


Any suggestions please :shock:



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