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MP3 Search Script!?


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Hi Everyone


I been looking aroung for such a script

but I got no luck... as usual!!


Anyone knows where to find this kind of script

that enables people to search for a song/artist

and then the script looks up on the sites and

displayes the results ready for them to download!??


Hmmm i know I am  NULL in php sript

but hope some1 might be able to help somehow.


Thanks for reading

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Agreed with John.


But a basic setup you would need a database which would house the filename, the artist and the song. You may be able to automate this if all the mp3's have ID3 tag information attached using www.php.net/exec command with a 3rd party program that can be ran on the command line. Or if the mp3's are in such a fashion of artist-song title.m3 you can use www.php.net/dir  class to grab that and than parse it.

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Database?!? No no, im talkin about a simple one!

Look at this site:


http://www.degjo.com/ there u see what I mean

this guy does not need any database codes etc!!


What it does is, looks up on those websites

and displayss  the song to be downloaded


I would suggest contacting that guy on the site and asking him how much he is selling the "Semi-Self Managed Search Engine" (got that off the logo at the bottom of that page). Because other than that I am not sure what he is doing, if he does have a database or what search engine he is using to feed his results off of.


Good luck.



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