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Hey, i'm creating a game control panel, very basic, and its a project that im using to learn php. I've learned alot over the month's. now im stuch on this!

win32_create_service ();
Theres a part where you specify "macheen"
Heres what the info on php.net provides fdor macheen:
The optional machine name on which you want to create a service. If omitted, it will use the local machine.

Now, do i type the ip address? The LAN name? What goes here? im not quite sure, some example of Machine that they are tlaking about would help.

Btw, I have 3 computers that i have for this project. 3 of them have php installed, one is acting as the front end, (for example gamehost.com) the rest are just ips ( and .3 for example) and i want to be able to create a service on each of them, using the frontend, and would this extrension help; me doing so? Thanks a tun guys!!

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