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javascript insert into textarea question

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javascript insert into textarea question
can anyone tell me or point me to some information for the following:

I want to create a javascript function that inserts text into the textarea of a form .. which is easy .. but how do I create it for a series of steps

for example ...

I want it to work just like the insert link for this editor .. where you click insert link .. it asks for the link .. then the name of the link and then inserts the code into the text area


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Hi there,

If I get it,, maybe something like that could help you,
function DoTheJob()
    var message = "Waiting for some values,,";
    var return_value = prompt(message,"");



<input type="button" value="Hello the world" onclick="DoTheJob()">

<textarea rows="2" cols="20"  id="my_text_area"></textarea>

// just to init the old values for firefox
// & to hide the textarea part



Hoping it will help,,


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