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PHP Execution -- very baffled


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This problem is just killing me.  I have a site where scripts sometimes take .1 seconds to run and sometimes take 25 seconds.  I know the latter from email, but the scripts are usually fast for me. 


Here is a list of what has been checked.  Anybody who is an expert in this sort of thing, I would appreciate help. 


Queries: I check every query time.  mySQL is always under 2% of the total time.

Site Traffic: I have a dedicated server for a small site--almost no load.

Images: Load on the client.  Not an issue.

Bad code: I seriously do not think any coding issue could do this.  Plus, bad code is always bad.


I email myself when a script takes too long.  The SAME script with the SAME query and loop will spend 10 seconds in the sidebar.  Twenty minutes later, it is 10 seconds in the body.  I cannot pinpoint this no matter what I do.


Has anybody experienced anything like this, and if so, what was the solution?

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