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My first blog


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Hi all,


Please take a look at http://www.myphotomojo.com


It's my first blog using wordpress as the platform. The site will be about all the fun things people can do with their photos.  Basically, a resource for finding fun photo widgets and projects that you can do with your photos.


Please note the content is just sample content until the site looks and feels right.


Would appreciate any comments, thoughts, suggestions on the look and feel.



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It's not bad at all. The site is well laid out, and the text is very easy to read. I like the little guy peeking out around the site-it goes well with the general vibe of the site. However, the top header feels flat, unlike the rest of the site which is full of gradients and drop shadows. Also, the news items could use a bit more containment, so that they don't feel like they are just floating out there so much.

Also, do you plan on adding more tabs up top? You might want to move the tabs over to the left and have the text more to the right.

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Hi moberemk,


thanks for the comments. Regarding the header, it is a little flat, I agree.  I'm gonna work on it a bit.  I do plan on adding additional tabs (1-2 months from now), this is just the first so I centered it. I had the tab positioned to the left originally but it just didn't look right which is why I centered it.


Lastly, could you comment on "news items could use a bit more containment".  Not sure I understand what your suggesting.  Not sure how to add more containment.


Thanks for the suggestions and comments.

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Well, see, looking at it, the news items are blocks of text with a block of text above it and a little gradient block below it. You might want to consider either taking out the gradient and adding a larger, solid border between entries, or adding a border above or even encapsulating the entry as well. Just as a way of making it obvious that all of the text there is part of the same article.


Also, one thing I noticed: you have a continue reading link in the footer of the article and the article itself. You should probably remove the header link-I barely noticed it compared to the one in the article.

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hmmm, ok I see what your saying.  Give me a day or so to think about this.  Regarding "continue reading", I understand exactly what your saying.  Just have to figure out how to best implement it in wordpress. Still learning all the "little" things in order to have the blog work the way i want it to.


Once again, thanks for you comments. 

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is that of your design?  that is actually very nice!


the colors work together very nicely, and i like the motif of the character that you have there.  very well implemented.


i cant find anything to suggest; good job.

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ss32, thanks for your comments. 


Yes, it's my design with the help of my graphic designer.  Basically, we took a generic wordpress them and completely redesigned it.  I looked at a bunch of other blog sites and found bits and pieces of design I liked, the end result is what you see at our site. 


It actually took us about a week to get it up (mostly spent time on learning wordpress and about the various plugin's that are available).  Real content will be coming shortly.


Again, thanks for the comments.

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