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Drop down box option

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I'm kinda new to php and i am trying to do something that i guess its very common.
Dont know how to do it myself and i searched alot for relevant tutorials but I didn't find something that helped me really. Anyway, to the point...

I'm making a order form page. The user has to complete a few text boxes.
Also i have two scroll down boxes. One of them is with 4 options and the other with 25.
Only one you can select for every drop down box.

What i want to do is display in the next page a relevant text message which comes from the 1st drop down box (which is product selection), the text will be like a short description of the product.
And also, in the same page, i want to display an image based on the selection of the 2nd drop down box.
I am already using sessions if that helps.

Could anyone give and guide lines or any general ideas or even helpful links?

thank you :)

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