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Automatically go to index.php?

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In Apache, if I have an index.php file, it doesn\'t automatically go to that page if I type in just the folder name (for example, the file http://server/test/index.php will not show up if I just type in http://server/test/). Instead, it shows the server directory. I know it automaticaly goes to the page if it\'s index.html, but is there any way to do it for index.php?


Sorry if I\'m confusing some of you...


Thanks in advance,

Andrew :)


EDIT: I\'m using Apache v1.3, not sure if a more recent version has my answer.

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Open up httpd.conf which is under the conf directory of your Apache installation.


Look for the following line :-


DirectoryIndex index.html index.html.var


Simply add your index.php to this line. For example :-


DirectoryIndex index.html index.php index.html.var


In fact you can add any file here which will make apache use it as an index.page


Hope this helps :-)

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