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retrieval problem

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my website uses a session_id and sends this to my mysql database along with the details of the products the customer buys.

When i'm using a query to echo the products the customer has bought, they are being called using $last_id = mysql_insert_id(); and the session id.

therefore i am wondering as all the products are called using the session_id, if there is a way i can distinguish between between products to do calculations on the individual price or just simply display the data in a table.

[a href=\"http://pastebin.com/632612\" target=\"_blank\"]http://pastebin.com/632612[/a] - sql call
[a href=\"http://pastebin.com/632619\" target=\"_blank\"]http://pastebin.com/632619[/a] - sql insert queries

if you see in the file above, i want description and price to go of each product to go into seperate rows, but becauase the call is on session_id they go into the same row.
i know there probably easier ways like storing my values in arrays or osmething, but i'm novice and this is how i've done it now .

Thanks for help in advance.

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