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I still new to PHP Programming and have my first major app to do.

We are an organization that has a convention every 2 years. Well we have one this year and I need to put on-line registration up.

The problem:

There are several payment options, Like 1 Person Non-Member, 2-5 From same company non-member, Over 5 from same company non-member, well you get the idea. There are like 7 of these pay structures.

Figuring our what to charge for what they pick isn't hard, it's for each individual a form needs to be filled out, Name, Address etc. But there are also some additions that they can add like a golf tournament, tour or what ever. These are added to the price.

After the forms data is entered it needs to be captured to a database then emailed to the office. Also needs to collect payment information and send to Authorize.Net.

I'm just having a little difficulty figuring a way to do this. Of course a Dektop app would be a piece of cake, just not sure of the best way for a web app.

Big Thanks In Advance!!


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The processing of the input data from the form, the db updates, email etc aren't much different from a desktop app. The main difference is the user interface since this is on the client.

Once the data is submitted, the input form is no longer there. If you want to validate data you need to completely replenish the form with error messages and user-entered data and then go throught the cycle again of receiving the input and processing it.

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