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php / mysql beginner question

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Hello all,


I\'m new here and hope that someone has the answer of a real beginner.

I\'ve read several tutorials but what i want isn\'t working.


I have a little table with some fields:



name varchar(100) NOT NULL default \"\",

nr int(5) NOT NULL,

descr text NOT NULL,


UNIQUE KEY nr (nr),

UNIQUE KEY name (name)

) TYPE=MyISAM COMMENT=\"Products\";

I have a working php program to add data to the database.

I also have a little php program to list all records in the database.

Now i need a program that can be called with a parameter to show all fields of a product like:




My program looks like this:



include \'db.php\';






<body bgcolor=\"#ffffff\" >



# setup SQL statement

$sql = \" SELECT * FROM prod WHERE nr = \'$prodnr\'\";

# execute SQL statement

$rs = mysql_query($sql, $cid);

if (mysql_error()) { print \"Database Error: $sql \" . mysql_error(); }

# display results

print \"<p><b>Products</b><p>n\";

print \"<table border=0>\";

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($rs))


$name = $row[\"name\"];

$nr = $row[\"nr\"];

$descr = $row[\"descr\"];

print \"<tr><td>$name</td><td>$nr</td><td>$descr</td><tr>\";


print \"</table>\";





But, i get NO results! I\'ve made shure product nr 3 is in the database, i\'ve checked it with PHPMYADMIN.

What am i doing wrone here? Can anybody point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advace,


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ur code looks fine and I guess u have


opened a database connection and also selected the database in ur include file


also use the die command to check for error and u dont have to use a if to find that out.

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