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query sometimes returns ghost data

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I haven\'t been able to find this answer on the web, so here\'s what\'s happening.


A fairly simple php script is calling a mysql database, and putting the results into an array.


This database stores information on products, so there may be multiple rows with the same name, but they\'ll have a different topic type (category) and they all have a unique id of course.


Here\'s a chunk from the file (this script calls another database, and generates links to information in that database)


while($row = mysql_fetch_row($topic_result))



$test = $row[0];


$topic_types_query = "SELECT Name, `Order` FROM `Topic_Types` WHERE Topic_Type = \'$test\'";

$topic_type_result = mysql_query($topic_types_query);

$topic_type_row = mysql_fetch_array($topic_type_result);

     $link_list[] = array(\'order\' => $topic_type_row[1],

         \'id\' => $row_id[0],

                           \'type\' => $row[0],

                      \'type_name\' => $topic_type_row[0]);



$items +=5;  //shouldn\'t have to do this, but if I don\'t add at least one to

//this value, 1 less result gets printed, than there should be, in all cases

while($counter <= $items)



  while($i <= $items)


     if ($link_list[$i][\'order\'] == $counter)


//print $items;

print $link_list[$i][`order`];

           $info_box_contents[] = array(\'text\' => "<tr><td><a href=http://somewebsite.com/Topics/somefile.cgi?ZType=" . $link_list[$i][type] . "&ZID=" . $link_list[$i][id] . ">" . $link_list[$i][\'type_name\'] . "</a></td></tr>");







(some of the values used come from further up)


So, the results are simply


some link

another link

another link (as many as there is information in the database on that item)


However with 2 items specifically, you get

some link

<-- blank line

some link

another link



Anyone know where this ghost data is originating from?

(that is my entire question)


I\'ve also tried checking if the elements are empty before I print but mysql didn\'t agree with me on that.


Thanks in advance, Jonathan.

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