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displaying multiple data

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I am retreiving set of information from postgresql database. I am taking 3 columns of a table in my select query. this returns multiple rows.

How can display each column of a row for all the rows retrieved in php?

I tried couple of things with pg_fetch_array but it doesn\'t display the data what I need.


$query="select a,b,c from xyz where ..."; //this retrieves say 3 rows







        $data=pg_fetch_array($result,$i); // now $data contains each row





I am just giving piece of code. With pg_fetch_array, will I get all the 3 columns of a row? I am not able to access the second and third column with the above code. It just gives me the first column in all the 3 rows which are retrieved.


Can anybody advice how to achieve this?

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First off, did you make sure that your query actually returns real data?


If it did, then your variable $data will contain the results of each row within each iteration of your for loop. pg_fetch_array will only return the data for the row you are specifying


Try using print_r($data) to see if there\'s anything in there:

$data is an array with each column represented as an item in the array


$data[\'a\'] contains column data for a, so does $data[0]

$data[\'b\'] contains column data for b, so does $data[1]



hope that answers your question.

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