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New message alert

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I want to know how to implement the "new message alert" such as in yahoo messenger, where when a message is received, u get to see an alert with the minimized window blinking.

I want to know is the blinking window feature possible with javascript ( or php ).

If so, how and if not, is there any other technology with which i can implement it. Or any other solution to the prob??

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Thats exactly what I am looking for as well.
Getting a Braindeath now:-) so I am a bit lost.

My thoughts are more related to monitoring.
So I got a health monitor status page up, which gets fed by snmp and mysql.
As soon as i got a flagx or receive a message from a box, i need to get that on the screen immediuately.

y way of (about) to accomplish that, keep somethin (A script) parsing through a text file, somehow gets that transformed into ..probably xml ... targeted to my active browser session.?

....need a coffee....


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Hi there,

I think that link could give you some very nice & cool ideas, for what you want to do,,
[a href=\"http://wiki.script.aculo.us/scriptaculous/show/CombinationEffectsDemo\" target=\"_blank\"]scriptaculous effects[/a],, :)

Hoping it helps,,


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