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Inserting records problem!!

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The case is this...


I am setting up a new site that will contain many different tabs. It will have the ability to sign up and post your own tablatures, so therefore it needs a way to add a record for everytime someone signs up etc.


So i made a page called signupprocess.php or something and put at the top my connection details and a query with INSERT INTO (i\'ll post the whole thing further down...)


Well, it didn\'t work, so i had an idea!

I added a record using phpMyAdmin, and copied the code that it churned up (the confirmation bit thingy). I then deleted the old record so that it wouldn\'t try to overwrite the old thing and cause a problem. I then slapped that code into my php page and it didn\'t work :x


I was wondering if anyone could help me...

here is my code...



$db = mysql_connect(\"localhost\", \"jamieguthrie\", \"******\")


die(\"could not connect\");





INSERT INTO `user` (`userid`, `forename`, `surname`, `fav_tabs`, `fav_quote`) VALUES (\'\', \'Jamie\', \'Guthrie\', \'GreenDay\', \'howdy\');



(that insert bit is exactly what came out of phpMyAdmin)


That is what i have basically.


The database is called jamieguthrie_uk_db,

my username is jamieguthrie,

my password is ******,

the table i want to add to is called user,

there are 5 rows (you can see them in the coding)



Please help, as i don\'t know what i have done wrong :?


P.S. that \'\' before the \'Jamie\' bit in the VALUES bit is a double \'. It is the id set to autoincrement so it hasn\'t been filled in.

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..just as I replied in the PHP Help forum, you need to use PHP\'s mysql_query().


mysql_query("INSERT INTO `user` (`userid`, `forename`, `surname`, `fav_tabs`, `fav_quote`) VALUES (\'\', \'Jamie\', \'Guthrie\', \'GreenDay\', \'howdy\')",$db);


Hope that helps.

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