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Multiple Apache hosts on W2K

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I have managed to finally get 2 instances of apache running on my W2K machine by defining two seperate config files with different docroots and starting them as 2 seperate services.


my question is...

how can I get it to reconize the seperate hosts from the address bar?

I currenlty have to type in either http://localhost/ or http://localhost:8080.


I want to be able to use e.g.

http://work_stuff/ for localhost:80 &

http://my_stuff for localhost:8080


as you have probably guessed , yes they use different ports.

I have tried using virtial host configs but I cannot get them operational.


any ideas ?

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Running two instances of Apache is.. well I won\'t say it\'s stupid, but it\'s ehm.. not a bright idea.


Why don\'t you setup vhosts instead?

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