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[SOLVED] div width


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How do I apply a width to a div in firefox


I have the following code working fine in IE, but not in firefox


<div align=center style="display:inline; width:50%;">No Comments</div>


<div align=center style="display:inline; width:50%;"><img src=galcoms.gif style="border-style:none;"></div>


Im tryig to make the divs act as 2 TDs, so content next to each other but spaced out on the one line


Any ideas

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use floats instead:

<div align=center style="float:left; width:50%;">No Comments</div>

<div align=center style="float:left; width:50%;"><img src="galcoms.gif" style="border-style:none;"></div>


Note after those two divs you'll need to clear the float, by adding clear:both to an element after those two divs.

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Isnt there a float:center


Im trying to use it with 3 divs, but sometimes the first div has no content in it as the content is provided dynamically


If I have 3 divs in a row using float and there is no content in div1 then div2 appears over to the left

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