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Reading and Writing to a MySQL table

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I am working on a website in which I want to allow clients the ability to login and see there audio scripts. I also want them to be able to modify there script online. So the form will need to be able to read and write to a mysql table.


How I would like it to work is this way?


1. Client logs in, which will bring up there script for them to view.


2. They lookover there script, make any changes they want to, and

click submit.


3. Later they think of some more changes, log back in and make the

changes. Here I am thinking I need a date or a timestamp.


Now, here is where I am unsure what to do exactly. Some clients, change there scripts weekly, others monthly, and some less frequently than that. As new scripts are written for each client, I will want to keep copies of the old scripts. Some clients I will want to keep copies of the latest 3 scripts they ran, and others I may only want to keep a copy of one script.


What would be the best way of going about accomplishing this?


Much appreciation to anyone who has any ideas.





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