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Help!! Need to modify the way php calls a script!!

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Hi Guys,

I am new to this forum and php :p

Let me explain a little on what i am doing.

I did a class in php called AuthenticationModule, which would check the integrity of the page and replace if there are some unauthorized changes.
to do that all i need to do now is

[code]$authenticatePage   = new AuthenticationModule('scripts/Football.html')  [/code]

each time i want to authenticate the page. this will automatically restore and call the original page

My question is
How can i see php to do that for all my page i am calling, meaning links, forms.... Meaning i want to change the way php calls the scripts by doing that first.

somebody once told me that i could modify the php.exe file to do that line. I also want it to be working when i call html files

Thank you in advanced?

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Hello Lavanya,
Wishes from Karthi keyan. you are pretty well in your question. if you want to change the way of PHP calls then you have to modify the Source codes and recompile PHP. you can add some custom functions in PHP Source and you can call some function like Lavanya(); with out defining that function inside of your PHP code. try to modify the PHP Source and Recompile it. :)

Thank you,
Karthi keyan.

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