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Morning All,


I'm designing a newsletter application and need some advice on how it should be set out.  I'll give you an idea of the functionallity I want and maybe you could advise accordingly.



Feature stories - 3 each issue

Notes from editor

Caption Competition

Random photo

Quote of the month



I'll have a three column layout, the center column will display the Notes from Editor by default, and when clicked the following will appear in the center column:


Each of the features

Notes From editor

Random Photo

Page to enter your caption for the caption competition


The left hand column will always display just the navigation links.  The right hand column will display the caption competition photo at the top and the Poll beneath that.  The quote of the month will appear at the bottom of the page in a footer.


So that's the scope of the project.  Here's what I'm thinking...


A single index page that displays all the initial content, then if you click any of the dynamic content, it submits data to another page and redirects you back to the index page.


e.g. You're on index.php, you select your answer in the poll and submit.  This submits the data to poll.php to process and uses a header redirect to send you back to index.php which displays the updated poll information.


As for the features, I thought I'd pass that to index.php with a single GET parameter and have that process it.  So that's the only processing that index.php will do, the rest will be done by other pages.


What do you think?




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