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I have a table with a banner at the top. However, there are spaces on the top, left, and right of the banner in my table. I know this happens by default. How would I situate the table to the top left of my page so that there are no spaces???

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I\'m not quite sure what you want to do.

Move the table so that there is no space either side of the banner????


I can try to help you with what you said but I\'m not sure what you want exactly. If you want your banner to the left of the cell in the top of the table add


to the <table> code. But if you want the spaces to go and your table to be left aligned do this.



<div align=\'left>

before you <table> opening and then put


after the </table> code. That will left align the table but if you also want the spaces to go away set the width of the table to the image width.


To help you out here is what your page should look something like


<div align=\'left\'><table width=\'IMAGE WIDTH\'>









I hope that is what you wanted if not just jive me some idea of what your code structure is and I could proberly give you a more difinate answer

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