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PHP/MySQL Help.....

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The server is running Red Hat ES 3, PHP 4.3.2 and MySQL 4.0.21-0

When php is compiled (or RPM installed in this instance) it autmatically makes the file with mysql support....and points it to /var/lib/mysql as the default install...correct? The server that this is being installed on has mysql installed in another directory. Lets call it /data for now.

Is there a .conf file or another php/mysql file that can be modified to have php see mysql in /data or will i have to re-compile php with the --with-mysql=/path/to/mysql flag thrown at the very end?

Thanx in advance.

I just had someone say this to me:

"you can symlink /var/lib/mysql to the right place."

would that be a possible fix?

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