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Rotating text in pdf using php

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It the moment I use this code to to write the week number on top of a pdf template.


$week = $_POST[week];

$pdf= new fpdi();

$pagecount = $pdf->setSourceFile("weelkytargets.pdf");
$tplidx = $pdf->ImportPage(1);




This works ok when the document is portrate. I now have a document which is landscape, when using the code above it cuts of half of the page. So i need to either make the pdf i generate on the fly landscape or rotate the template and rotate the week number. I have tried to find how you make a landscape pdf but i haven't found anything. So i have tried rotating the text using this code.

class PDF extends PDF_Rotate
function RotatedText($x,$y,$txt,$angle)
    //Text rotated around its origin

function RotatedImage($file,$x,$y,$w,$h,$angle)
    //Image rotated around its upper-left corner

$pdf=new PDF();
This works great but i carn't get it to work with the template, can anyone help?

Thanks James

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