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I am brand new to php and mysql. My company spends alot of money outsourcing simple projects that we should be able to do in house so I am trying to learn this application. I have downloaded the Foxserv AMP trio onto my machine and am working my way through a beginners guide. In this guide, the authors are suggesting that i test my mysql installation at the command prompt by looking for a sample db that was loaded in the installation process. i have copied the libmysql.dll file (originally called msql.dll) to the system32 folder. Now when i am at the command prompt and enter the following path: c:\foxser\mysql\examples\libmysqltest\mytest i am getting an error message that reads "The procedure entry point mysql_int could not be located in the dynamic link library libmysql.dll"

Can someone please set me straight?

Thank you


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libmysql.dll is not msql.dll! Where did you find msql.dll and who told you to rename it to libmysql.dll? MySQL and MSQL are two totally different versions of SQL.

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