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Help with a project

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Hi there. Not done much on php. done a bit of mysql and some beginner stuff.

What I'm trying to do may be way out of my league but hopefully not and I'm a fast and eager learner :)

I'm going to Australia soon for a working holiday right and what I want to do is have a blog of course with updates but as well as that I want a map of Australia and I want to be able to tell people who check my website where I am in Australia currently (or the last place I was where I could update) by a pin or flag or something on a map of Australia. Obviously it needs to be dynamic so that when I move to the next town or city I can log in, then click on the map and the pin moves there and remembers it.

I take it I'd need a database to remember image co-ordinates to place the pin/flag. Also how would I allow the pin to be placed over the map of Australia (I'd preferable like to use an animated gif of a flag on a pole to pinpoint on the map where I am).

I would also need an admin page so obviously I'm the only one who can access this part of the website.

Any ideas as to what functions I may need to learn to be able to do this?

Many thanks for your time in reading this...

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Ok never mind... seem to have figured it out anyways.

The code to get coordinates posted from another page and create the new fallged image etc :

Header("Content-type: image/png");
$x = $_POST["x"];
$y = $_POST["y"] - 16;
$image = ImageCreateFromPNG("map.png");
$icon = ImageCreateFromPNG("flag.png");
$trans = ImageColorAt($icon,0,0);
$width = ImageSX($icon);
$height = ImageSY($icon);

Thanks for reading this I guess lol

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