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Posting to another site, no forms, no javascript.

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I have an interesting problem.

I need to send a post of variables to an ASP script on another server. The ASP script doesn't use a $_GET like function so I can't send the variables in the URL.

What I'm doing is taking a post sent to my script from a payment gateway and sending it to this script. I thought I could just simply setup a hidden field form and post it with a Javascript submit. But since the variables are sent without a browser present it seems that Javascript doesn't work.

I tried setting up a fsockopen(), but I get this error:

Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to [a href=\"http://media.school.com:80\" target=\"_blank\"]http://media.school.com:80[/a] (Unable to find the socket transport "http" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?)

The obvious answer is to have the payment gateway post directly to this page, but I need it to stay where it is because it runs the rest of this clients e-commerce system.

I have limited access to the server and I believe it's running on Windows Server 2000 (not my choice).

If anyone has any ideas or a way of submitting a form without javascript, please reply.

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curl is your friend.

Hopefully your ISP compiled PHP --with-curl; see the section in the online PHP manual for the curl functions.

If your ISP didn't, and you're running on Linux, you might be able to call the command-line curl executable via fopen()...

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That's very helpful however anything that requires an install on the server is almost near impossible. The server tech for this company is incredibly controlling and paranoid. It took forever to move this site into a database.

I'm still hoping there is a code solution to my troubles, but I'll definatly keep this as a plan B. Thanks.

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