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zend framework?


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yet another framework thread, yes.  currently i'm debating between cakephp, code igniter and zend.  i'm looking at a third-party one because there's a good chance that at some point i will be hopping off, and other developers may be hopping onto, the project.  easier learning curve and flexibility for the newcomers, as far as i can reason.


anybody used the zend framework around here?  it's a legitimate option for my client, so i wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with it.  i've heard plenty about cake (and it is my current runner-up), and am open to any comments people have regarding the other two listed.


feel free to lock if people feel there are too many topics like this.  i'm just looking for more personal experiences than the typical "what's the difference?" threads that yield little information that one couldn't find with ten minutes on the respective websites.


PS:  mark, i know you're the go-to guy for cake around here it seems.  any salient gripes or praises for it in particular?

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