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strange apache problem ( :-) )

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hi all,

on winxp i\'ve had apache 2.0.45, now .46 with php 4.3.2 and latest mysql running fine as localhost for pre-publish testing


without a noticable (to me) reason, apache has stopped working in a strange way;

- service still runs

- my apache-conf server test says syntax is fine

- the apache service is using ALL available CPU up to 100%

(i think this is related to the problem, i don\'t think thats normal, correct?)

- my error log says;

[Wed Jul 09 09:46:43 2003] [notice] Parent: Created child process 2620

[Wed Jul 09 09:46:43 2003] [notice] Child 2620: Child process is running

[Wed Jul 09 09:46:43 2003] [notice] Child 2620: Acquired the start mutex.

[Wed Jul 09 09:46:43 2003] [notice] Child 2620: Starting 250 worker threads.


is 250 worker threads normal? is that whats using all my cpu?


when i try http://localhost/ it just never gets there, The page cannot be displayed


any help, advice, pointers, etc would be greatly appreciated!

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hmm, well, if apache is using 100% of your cpu, all I can think of is you have one or more runaway scripts, and apache spawning off a whole lot of helper threads to attempt to handle each http request to it.

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