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flashmailform using PHP

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Hey guys,

I have a webpage for my portfolio. I got a mail form from a flash tutorial site and that worked for years. But lately it stopped working. The thing is, I didn`t change a thing. So after some reading on the net ( and at phpfreaks ) I noticed some updates to PHP. Can this be the reason why my mail form isn`t working anymore??

Here`s the code...

$ToEmail = "dodo_b@hotmail.com";

##$ToName = "Erik";
$ToSubject = "Mail van fotosite";

$EmailBody = "Naam: $FirstName\nSenders Email: $Email\nWerk: $Company\n\nBericht:\n$ToComments\n\nGehoort van: $HearAbout\n";

$EmailFooter="\nVerstuurd door: \n$FirstName from $REMOTE_ADDR \n\nAls u denkt dat u deze mail ten onrechte heeft ontvangen, neem dan zo spoedig mogelijk contact op met dodo_b@hotmail.com";

$Message = $EmailBody.$EmailFooter;

mail($ToName." <".$ToEmail.">",$ToSubject, $Message, "From: ".$FirstName." <".$Email.">");

Print "_root.contact.mailform.EmailStatus=Klaar - uw Email is verstuurd.";


can you guys notice something wrong???

I hope you do!

Thanks in advance!!


by the way... Some things are in dutch since that`s my native language! ;-)

by the way nr 2

I can suply the flash file as well, if you need this.

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