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PHP & Wordpress Code for Domain URL

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Hi all,

Wordpress is full of php code to refer to the blogs location.

I need the code to refer to the url of the domain, even if wordpress is installed on a subdomain.

For example if I want to place a link for hte home page, I would use this
[code]<a href="" target="_blank">Home Page</a>[/code]
for a site map I'd use:
[code]<a href="/sitemap.html" target="_blank">Sitemap</a>[/code]

That works fine if the worpress blog is installed in the root of a domain or in a subfolder.
It does not work accurately if the blog is in a subdomain.
If I use the above, the urls show up as:
[code]<a href="" target="_blank">Home Page</a>[/code]
which gives me
"[b]http://www.subdomain.domain.com[/b]" instead of "[b]http://www.domain.com[/b]"
[code]<a href="/sitemap.html" target="_blank">Sitemap</a>[/code]gives me
instead of
"[b]http://www.domain.com/sitemap.html[/b]" which I would like.

I've tried [code]<a href='$ require($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]);/sitemap.html">Sitemap</a><br>[/code]and variations of it to no avail. Help appreciated.

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