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Install Question

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I am trying to install a php script and there is nothing about what to use for install like /install or install.php or setup. I have tried to ciontact the developer email sends back. Can someone help me on this


Install instruction are here

[a href=\"http://www.010soft.com/linkex/readme.html\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.010soft.com/linkex/readme.html[/a]

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first go to /adm/connect_db.php change your info where it says $host,$user,$password and $database and save it second locate /sql/createdb.sql and copy and paste the code below over the code on the createdb.sql page and save it then rename the page to createdb.php if you donot do this when you open the page in your browser al you will see is text appear on the screen and nothing will install


include '../adm/connect_db.php';
$sql="create table exchange_links (
id     int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  code      text,
  email     varchar(255),
  back_link varchar(255),
  website_url varchar(255),
  name        varchar(255),
  category        INT,
  quand           BIGINT,
  state           CHAR(1),
  last_checked    BIGINT,
  check_result    CHAR(1),
  attempts        INT,
  dont_check      CHAR(1),
  edit_key        CHAR(10),

mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());
print "install complete";
after that is done open you browser (example: Internet explorer or Mozilla or Opera) and run this [a href=\"http://HTTP://Yoursite.com/sql/createdb.sql\" target=\"_blank\"]HTTP://Yoursite.com/sql/createdb.php[/a]
and you installation is complete or it will give you an error telling you you that it didnt install and what to fix
( I had to download the script to figure this out hopfully this helps)

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