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First post - hope I'm not asking for too much

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Posted 12 April 2006 - 01:21 PM

I need a little help with a PHP script I'm writing.

It's a script that monitors the availability of domain names - in this example, my name, lisa.co.uk

$fp = fsockopen("dac.nic.uk", 2043, $errno, $errstr, 30); if (!$fp)
echo "$errstr ($errno)<br />\n";
while (!feof($fp))
{ fputs($fp, "lisa.co.uk\r\n");

echo fgets($fp, 128);


So far, the script opens a socket on the remote computer - all OK!
I've also put in a while loop to continuously check the names' availability - Good!

The remote server returns a message in the format:


Meaning the name is not available

When it becomes available, it'll return a message in this format:


What I want to do is - when the name becomes free - ie the server responds with "lisa.co.uk,N" I want my script to send an email.

Can anyone help?

Also this script is running a little fast - is there a way I can slow it down? I'm aware of the sleep function but I've only used this previously with perl. It only needs slowing by a fraction of a second.

Thanks in advance for any help


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