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PHP Drill Down PHP Menus

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Hi all

I have a standard drop down menu on one of my php pages, the purpose of the drop down is to show every company name held in our sql database, the company names are drawn from a sql database and displayed in the drop down, the value for each company in the drop down is the ID number of the sql associated row.

I then have aWhat I would like to do is to populate a second drop down box which would be displayed below the company drop down, this drop down would hold another load of data from another table in the sql database, it would use the ID number assocated with the first drop down box to figure out what data needs to be loaded into this drop down. It bascially shows the department names in that company.

I have managed to do the above, but I have to use a refresh script which refreshes the page each time you change the company name on the first drop down box, otherwise it cant load new data into the drop down.

Can the same thing work, but without refreshing the page each time a company is selected.

Data is changed and added to all the time, so a javascript wouldnt really work, it would also be one huge script.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance


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