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easy question array

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ok i have a question that shoudl be easy. when i delete a product from the cart i want ti to also delete all the attribute entires related to that product out of thier tables. there is a table store_classes and store_class_options

i can get it to delete all records out of classes when the product is deleted, but i think i need an array or something to get rid of all the options to those classes, it only deltes the entries in the table for the first class.



it will delete the classes for size and color, but it will only delte the class_options for color (black, white)
the small and large stay in the table
maybe i need a loop or something..
heres my code.

$sql_class_class = "select * from ".$prefix."store_classes where productid = $product";
             $result1 = mysql_query ($sql_class_class);
             $row1 = mysql_fetch_array($result1);
             $classid = $row1["classid"];
         $sql_class_options = "select * from ".$prefix."store_class_options where classid = $classid";
            $result1 = mysql_query ($sql_class_options);
            $row1 = mysql_fetch_array($result1);
            $classid = $row1["classid"];
       $result = "delete FROM ".$prefix."store_inventory WHERE product='$product'";
       $row = mysql_query($result);
       $result = "delete FROM ".$prefix."store_classes WHERE productid='$product'";
       $row = mysql_query($result);
       $result = "delete FROM ".$prefix."store_class_options WHERE classid='$classid'";
       $row = mysql_query($result);

i know why it only deletes the first class options, because it doesnt array the classid for each class, it only returns the value for the first entry

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